Mathieu Oksana (CV)


Oksana Mathieu




Oksana Mathieu-Olynik was born in the year of 1978 in the Ukraine. In early life already, she discovered her fascination in art. When she was nine years old, she completed a painting cours as entrance examination to a painting school successfully. From 1998 till 1993 she followed the courses at the painting school with patience. In 1993 Oksana entered a study at the the academy of culture. She completed the study in 1997 with a diploma in folk art.

Oksana has the fortune to be teached by the famous high school tutors Anna Gidora and Olexander Sadovsky, which both received the national award "artist of the ukraine".

During the study time I have participated two times every year in art exhibitions and completed every year the "en plein air" workshop for two weeks which gave me much inspiration and enjoyment. The following years after my studies I was travelling a lot and was interested in foreign countries and cultures. Furthermore I looked intensly to my family. I consider these years as an art break. Since 2005 I live in Switzerland. Since this time I spend all my energy completely on art, searching my own style of art, striving for the most perfect painting.

At the college of higher art education in Basel Oksana took a futher training with the tutor Simone Berger to broaden her mind.

Oksana teaches several classes of adults and children who want to explore colors and many different technics. In 2010 Oksana became independent and founded the company Art Mathieu. Furthermore she is highly engaged in two different Art Associations in Sursee and Zug.


List of major art exhibitions:


Galerie d'Art, Crans Montana, Switzerland
Galerie Artina, Zug, Switzerland


Arte Binningen, Binningen/Basel, Switzerland
Galerie Böhner, Mannheim, Germany
Galerie d'Art, Crans Montana, Switzerland
Malerisches Bremgarten, Bremgarten, Switzerland


Galerie Sammelgut, Luzern, Switzerland
Galerie 47, Reinach/Basel, Switzerland


Galerie Sammelgut, Luzern, Switzerland