Shvachunov Igor (CV)






Was born on 26.12.1960 in Sumy. Graduated from Kursk  State Pedagogic Higher School (1983). Worcks in the sphere of easel painting, graphics, art photography. His teachers: V. Yerofeyev, V. Pronina. Member of UNAU since 1994. Personal exhibitions: Kursk(1981), Sumy(1996,1998,2002,2004,2010,2011), Kyiv(2000,2008), Lublin(Poland, 2004). Main works: "Winter Well"(1998)," Spring Cares"(1999),"Two"(1999), "Cosmos"(2000), "Wall"(2004), "Land І"(2009), "Nurse"(2011). Works are kept in Lebedyn Municipal Art Museum, Sumy Region Art Museum named after N. Onatskiy, Konotop Region Historic Museum named O. Lazarevskiy, Akademik Gallery of Ukrainian Academy of Banking (Sumy), Modern Art Gallery in Viurta (Germany).