Skorikova Anastasia (CV)


Anastasia Skorikova




Skorikova Anastasiya was born in 1983.She is an artist from the resort town of Yalta, Ukraine.

Anastasiya graduated from the Crimean Humanitarian University.

She is a teacher of Arts by profession in 2005.

She also graduated from Kharkiv Academy of Design and Fine Arts. She got the speciality of a graphic artist.

Anastasiya has been exhibiting her works many times since childhood.


1.The first personal works were on display at the age of five in 1988.

2.She constantly takes part in Yalta and Crimean exhibitions.

3.She is an active participant in exhibitions in Kharkiv.

4.She was aparticipant of Spanish Contest Mini Print.

5.She participated in Land Art(International Festival “Sheshory”)

6.Land Art “Mogritsa”

7.A personal exhibition in Germany, Baden-Baden “The places of rest” (“Orte der Erholung”)

8.Personal exhibition “The little great artist” in Kharkiv ,Ukraine.

It was held in Repin Childrens Art School.

9.”Around the sun “ in Kharkiv.

10.”Colour M”. The exhibition of experimental printing in Kharkiv. Ukraine.


She works in different kinds of fine arts:



Project : " Inner laboratory "
Series : " Love library "

When one person enters your heart,your  "inner library"  will set up the process of creative art.Each one brings you some new feelings,thoughts and activities ,keeps unique associations which create new images and forms because of experienced senses.
Inner library is the ladder of inspiration and own thoughts comprehension - the successive way in art creation.
"Love library" is the indispensable feelings collection which is so effective in images and forms exposure.
Associative perceiving of your inner library brings to light the door for blue bird.Inner laboratory is operating from now.