Manajlo Andras(CV)


Manajlo Andras





Andras Manajlo was born in 1970 in Uzhgorod, in the wonderful Transcarpathia region, in a painter dynasty family. His ascendants – grandfather Fedor and his father Ivan – achieved significant place in the art life of the region. Andras built upon very good schools, not only on art schools of his predecessors, but on professional artist- qualifying institutions such as Academy of Applied and Decorative Arts in Lviv. A talent from very young age Andras' work always possessed a unique quality that is deeply intense and critical in its sensibility. While working in advertising Andras established his own venture, and – proudly taking his Ruthenian origin – became the leader of the Hungary’s Ruthenians. During that time Andras organised several international art-camps and took part in numerous collective and solo exhibitions.


One of the most outstanding fine arts historian of Hungary, Dr. Balazs Feledy wrote on him as follows:

„Andras Manajlo is a really talented painter with remarkable abilities, great genes, thus based on his talent and capabilities he will be able to create a type of painting with very individual values, with which he is expected to occupy an honourable place in the European history of fine arts.”

„I have to say, there is something deeply intense and critical in personal sensibilities and modalities of Manajlo Andras beautiful art works and expressions. His art somehow manages to muse and fuse the classical and the modern, the flat and the defined-it is personal biography meets movement, passion and a very physiological presence.
Exhibiting an impeccable instinct for the emotionally evocative power of color, movement, texture, and shape, he shine as an artist whose work relates more to a state of mind, mood or feeling than a tangible object. Amidst a sea of art, Manajlo Andras manage to say something very different.”

Penelope Aguilar, Artist Representative
Art Approach LLC, New York.